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TAN Check waistcoat

WC.3340 TAN


£105.00 £60.00

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Size guide
Chest:Centre Back Length:
S36in (91cm)56cm
M38in (96cm)57cm
L40in (101cm)58cm
XL42in (106cm)59cm
2XL44in (111cm)60cm
3XL46in (116cm)61cm

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TAN Check blazer with elbow patches

JK.3340 TAN


£235.00 £125.00

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Size guide
Chest:Sleeve Length:Centre Back Length:
3636in (91cm)63cm70.6cm
3838in (96cm)64.5cm71.8cm
4040in (101cm)66cm73cm
4242in (106cm)67.5cm74.2cm
4444in (111cm)69cm75.4cm
4646in (116cm)69.6cm76.6cm

This item is not currently available.


TR.3340 TAN



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Size guide
Waist:Leg Length:
30S30in (76cm)30in (76.5cm)
30R30in (76cm)32in (81.5cm)
30L30in (76cm)34in (86.5cm)
32S32in (81cm)30in (76.5cm)
32R32in (81cm)32in (81.5cm)
32L32in (81cm)34in (86.5cm)
34S34in (86cm)30in (76.5cm)
34R34in (86cm)32in (81.5cm)
34L34in (86cm)34in (86.5cm)
36S36in (91cm)30in (76.5cm)
36R36in (91cm)32in (81.5cm)
36L36in (91cm)34in (86.5cm)
38S38in (96cm)30in (76.5cm)
38R38in (96cm)32in (81.5cm)
38L38in (96cm)34in (86.5cm)
40S40in (101cm)30in (76.5cm)
40R40in (101cm)32in (81.5cm)
40L40in (101cm)34in (86.5cm)

This item is not currently available.


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