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NAVY Strech and wool half linen trousers

TR.3322 NAVY


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Waist:Leg Length:
30S30in (76cm)30in (76.5cm)
30R30in (76cm)32in (81.5cm)
30L30in (76cm)34in (86.5cm)
32S32in (81cm)30in (76.5cm)
32R32in (81cm)32in (81.5cm)
32L32in (81cm)34in (86.5cm)
34S34in (86cm)30in (76.5cm)
34R34in (86cm)32in (81.5cm)
34L34in (86cm)34in (86.5cm)
36S36in (91cm)30in (76.5cm)
36R36in (91cm)32in (81.5cm)
36L36in (91cm)34in (86.5cm)
38S38in (96cm)30in (76.5cm)
38R38in (96cm)32in (81.5cm)
38L38in (96cm)34in (86.5cm)
40S40in (101cm)30in (76.5cm)
40R40in (101cm)32in (81.5cm)
40L40in (101cm)34in (86.5cm)

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